Spotlight On The Healing Power of Music: Eva

We wanted to shine a spotlight on a recent example of how The Ukulele Kids Club has made a positive difference in the world of a child battling through a serious medical situation. And she has gone on to inspire other children to find joy in music. This lovely expression of appreciation was excerpted from a note shared by Eva's mother.

"As I sit here typing this, Eva is upstairs practicing her ukulele. She has become devoted to the instrument. She practices every day, sometimes for hours, and has learned a variety of songs on it. For her birthday, she received a Luna ukulele that allows an amp to be plugged into it. For Christmas, we had to get a hard case because she carries it everywhere and to school most days.

"Her music teacher at school has embraced her love of the ukulele and has let her play it during school. She is also the "leader" of a ukulele group the same music teacher has started. I believe she started it knowing that the ukulele and the music is a great thing for Eva!

"And to think all of this was started because YOU provided her the ukulele and taught her some basic chords. And word has it, many of the other girls in her grade received ukulele's for Christmas! You have made such an amazing impact on her life! I would love to share a picture of her playing.

Eva Practicing, Which She Does Often!

Eva Practicing, Which She Does Often!

If there is any way we can support or put a spotlight on what a wonderful piece you provide in this rehabilitation, please let us know how we can help. If there are volunteer opportunities within the Art/Music therapy department, she would love to participate!

She still has a long road to go, but her progress is months ahead of the doctors' expectations and I believe it's because of people like YOU that touched her heart and helped provide her comfort and sharing your mutual love for music.

Thanks for all you do for the kids, and what you have given my daughter!!


Jessica, the Proud Mother of Eva

We are thrilled that Eva finds comfort in making music. Knowing that her passion has resulted in spreading the joy of making music to others in her school and that she is already looking for opportunities to volunteer so she can help others like herself is inspiring.

Way to go Eva!